US Care Management

Guiding and supporting patients on the road to recovery. Personal Care Management for members and their families during treatment at a top 1% ranked hospital in the US.

So you can focus on what matters, getting better

If a patient elects to be treated at a top 1% ranked hospital in the US with this service, PGH coordinates treatment, delivers concierge services and logistical arrangements, provides on the ground personal care management and patient advocacy, and offers medical financial management.

End-to-end care management: PGH has long term relationships with leading hospitals and extensive experience successfully helping patients from around the world receive treatment, smoothly navigate a foreign hospital, and receive a patient-centered experience throughout their journey. Personal Care Managers are experienced medical professionals who provide in-person support to the patient and their family throughout their treatment and any necessary recovery time in the US.

PGH care management

  • Coordinate hospital admissions, medical appointments, and hospital discharge processes
  • Assist with visas by providing supporting letters from hospital evidencing medical trip
  • Arrange travel and accommodation for period of treatment and recovery in the US, including flights, hotels or short-term apartments, and airport greeting and departure
  • Provide city orientation and make suitable arrangements for any special dietary, religious, or other personal needs
  • Accompany patient and their family at the hospital, and check-in during any post-hospital recovery
  • Give or facilitate language support and interpretation services
  • Ensure patient is informed and understands treatment procedures and options presented
  • Advocate for patient and their family’s needs and preferences
  • Assist in setting up follow-up care at home

Hospital financial management

PGH can provide medical financial management for hospital billing that is dependent upon the way in which the treatment is to be financed, for example whether it is to be self-paid or through a private medical plan.  Preferential pricing for top hospitals in the US can be accessed via PGH’s network agreements, as well as quality control treatments and monitoring for invoice duplication.

I feel whole heartedly I have received the best possible medical attention anyone could hope for under the circumstances. Most of all, I cannot be grateful enough to have the opportunity to be operated on by one of the most recognized surgeons in this field."

- Member, Canada