Living Words

Stories and testimonials from PGH members and personal care managers.

These real cases show some of the ways in which PGH successfully and tangibly helps patients and their families.

"I am writing to express my gratitude and appreciation for all the efforts and assistance that I had from you and the PGH team. I am very happy to say that the operation was a success! Once again thank you and my personal regards."

- Jan, Brain Tumor, Norway

Jan's Story


Diagnosed with a rare brain tumor, Jan was told by his local doctor in Norway he only had 4-6 months to live.  In search of a second opinion, Jan turned to PGH. Rare cancers are less frequently seen and treated in Norway than in the US with its bigger population.  After a comprehensive evaluation of his diagnosis performed by a team of brain cancer Harvard Medical School hospital specialists, a treatment plan was designed. The protocols were discussed by Jan’s treating doctor in Norway with the specialist in the US in the Doctor-to-Doctor Dialogue service. Treatment was carried out in Norway. A Personal Care Manager from PGH assisted with all the necessary treatment coordination and supported Jan through his journey. Without leaving his home, Jan received global best advice and treatment, and the benefits of cross-border teaming. Even though initially given only a few months to live, Jan survived above and beyond the initial prognosis thanks to having more medical experts on his case.

Global-Local best

"What differentiates PGH from the rest is its capability to appoint first-rate medical institutions, professionals, and other resources in the United States. Since my decision to have surgery, I have passed three tests and the results indicate that I am totally cured. My last medical test result and the conversation I had recently with my doctor about living my life normally pushed me to write to you. Great job. Thank you!"

- Filip, Prostate Cancer, Poland

Filip's Story


Filip was diagnosed with prostate cancer during a routine physical examination. After researching different surgical approaches, treatments and potential secondary long-term effects, Filip decided to use the Diagnosis and Verification Treatment Plan service with PGH before determining his next steps.

After being contacted through Filip’s local provider, PGH immediately initiated a review of his case. The Diagnosis Verificationand Treatment Plan was performed by multiple specialists including the Chief of the Urology Department at a top hospital in the US. Their suggested treatment plan included minimally invasive robotic prostatectomy, the da Vinci® Surgery surgical system, which offered a quicker recovery and return to normal activities. Filip underwent his surgery at a European hospital with a successful outcome. Through PGH, Filip benefitted from having an expanded medical team to make confident and informed decisions about his course of treatment.

Knowing the best course of treatment to reduce complications and make a speedy recovery

"I would like to thank PGH for a very important feature of my policy, the role of coordination. Diagnosis of cancer is likely a grim prospect for even the most optimistic of us. My case was no different. PGH was instrumental in making available to me the best medical institutions in the US. All my medical services were coordinated on an expedited basis. I am grateful to the dedicated and consistent care team and wonderful Personal Care Manager who went above and beyond in every way."

- Eric, Throat Cancer, Switzerland

Eric's Story


Eric’s diagnosis of laryngeal cancer was devastating to him and his family. The treatment of head and neck cancer is complex because vital functions like breathing, speech, and swallowing can be affected. Through PGH, Eric’s diagnosis was evaluated by an interdisciplinary team of specialist doctors with unparalleled knowledge and experience in treating head and neck cancers. Based on the location and stage of the cancer, Eric’s overall health, and his personal preferences, the doctors developed a treatment plan tailored to Eric’s needs. Throughout the Diagnosis Verification and Treatment Plan, Eric’s Personal Care Manager, an experienced healthcare professional himself, made sure that all benefits and potential side effects were adequately communicated and understood. Eric completed his radiation and chemotherapy treatment locally and since then has been recovering through rehabilitation. Through PGH, Eric is also being made aware of developments in clinical trials and targeted drug therapy should the cancer come back.

Multidisciplinary specialists teams and tailored treatment plans

"In summary, I wish to say that all the facets supporting my therapy as arranged by PGH have jointly produced for me a most satisfying experience. I would like to inform you that I’m in good health and today finished my radiation treatment here. I have confidence in the plan for the second phase and that I will recover!"

- Maya, Cervical Cancer, Philippines

Maya's Story


Diagnosed in Manila with cervical cancer and having undergone surgery locally, Maya also looked to PGH for clarification around secondary treatment. Her Personal Care Manager promptly guided her through the next steps. A multidisciplinary team of gynecologic oncologists from a top 1% ranked hospital in the US responded to the status of her condition with a proposed second phase of treatment consisting of radiation therapy. The radiation treatment protocol was also shared with Maya’s doctor in the Philippines, who agreed with the recommended course of treatment.

Optimizing care for patients 

"I would like to thank you personally for the outstanding service and care I received during this period of my life. Every minute detail was taken care of. I am very impressed with the practice of PGH as a company for the support of the patient. Your great help, kindness and consideration are highly appreciated."

- Reem, Coronary Artery Disease, Kuwait

Reem's Story


Reem had already had surgery on one blocked artery following a cardiac episode and was aware there was a possibility that other arteries could be blocked. After she and her husband contacted their Preferred Care insurer, a Personal Care Manager reached out directly to them.

A Diagnosis Verification and Treatment Plan was performed by experienced cardiologists and cardiac surgeons at an internationally recognized heart center at the largest research hospital in the US. Through the expert’s recommendation and conversations with their Personal Care Manager, Reem was comfortable making the decision to undergo bypass surgery.

Reem and her husband flew to the US where they were greeted at the airport and taken to their hotel. Reem’s bypass surgery was successful. Nurses and doctors at the hospital alongside the Personal Care Manager continued to monitor her recovery and medication schedule.

Following her discharge from the hospital, Reem’s Personal Care Manager checked in on her daily and accompanied her to follow-up appointments. Once her treating head specialist approved travel, she returned home.

Patient advocacy and quality care

"I am thankful that my unfortunate situation turned into a positive and a very successful result. The wonderful care began before I even set foot in the United States. The PGH team was so supportive throughout the entire process, from hospital visits, surgery to outpatient treatment. They were kind, careful and patient in fulfilling my requests. Your PGH service was 1st class all the way!"

- Li Qiang, Lung Cancer, China

Li Qiang's Story


When Li Qiang was diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer, he mobilized his network in Shanghai and all his resources, including the services of PGH. Li Qiang’s Personal Care Manager immediately organized a multidisciplinary team approach to verify his diagnosis and develop a course of treatment through the Diagnosis Verification and Treatment Plan. The examining experts consisted of thoracic surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, and specialized lung cancer radiologists and pathologists from a top 1% ranked US hospital.

After careful review, surgery, chemotherapy, and a targeted immunotherapy was suggested. With US Care Management service, Li Qiang chose to be treated at a Harvard Medical School affiliated hospital in Boston by recognized lung cancer experts. PGH coordinated hospital appointments and made sure all relevant medical records were received in advance. Li Qiang’s Personal Care Manager also secured a short-term apartment, approved by Li Qiang before his trip.

The Personal Care Manager facilitated all hospital admission and preoperative paperwork. An additional interpreter was also scheduled to be at all preoperative evaluations and appointments. Li Qiang’s dedicated Personal Care Manager stayed in close contact with his family throughout his entire hospital stay and recovery period, as well as his follow-up care at home.

Personal care management by your side throughout access to groundbreaking treatments

"PGH was always responsive to all my phone calls and emails and expeditiously arranged everything. I was reassured to know assistance was always available when necessary. I want to express my sincerest appreciation to you for taking such great care of me and my family. Thank you once again for the professional service, care, support, attention to detail, and most importantly, for making sure I never felt alone."

- Michelle, Breast Cancer, Hong Kong

Michelle's Story

Hong Kong

Michelle contacted PGH after being diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer. Although she led a very active and healthy lifestyle, Michelle’s family history suggested a genetic predisposition to cancer. PGH immediately connected Michelle with a Personal Care Manager and coordinated the Diagnosis Verification and Treatment Plan with top medical specialists. A team of breast cancer oncologists and radiologists reviewed all of Michelle’s medical records and slides (translated at no cost to Michelle). The multidisciplinary specialists confirmed the diagnosis and provided a suggested treatment plan including targeted drug therapy. It was also suggested for direct family members, like children and siblings, to undergo genetic testing, a recommendation that Michelle’s family followed through with. Throughout the process she discussed her options with her family with support from her Personal Care Manager in explaining terminology, procedures, and their effects.

Helping patients and families make informed decisions

"The most rewarding experience about working with patients is when they feel safe and trust that they are going to start the right journey. What we do is about saving lives. The proper diagnosis leads to the proper treatment and the way back to health."

- Louisa, Personal Care Manager

Louisa's Story

“When we first speak to patients it’s a stressful time for them and their family. They have received life-altering news and every case is unique. In some situations, the patient’s condition is facing complications or declining. We make sure that we move their case along as quickly as possible. When we are engaged early in the process, we can save valuable time and provide important information to find the best possible treatment.

We are always working to get the best care for patients, like securing appointments with heads of medical departments when nothing was available for months and helping them understand what treatments imply and their options.

We recently had a European patient with a rare type of lung cancer who had been given 6 months to live by an esteemed doctor at a prominent German hospital. His family, refusing to give up, suggested that he get a further medical opinion. PGH organized a review of his case by top doctors at the biggest research hospital in the U.S. After examining the medical documentation and medication, they told the patient he had over 10 years to live! And that when those 10 years approach, there will be new medications to help him.

The specialists were able to determine this because they have the largest database of anonymized patients with this rare type of lung cancer and a deeper understanding of outcomes and the long-term effectiveness of this medication. The patient is running a 5k every morning despite the diagnosis in all types of weather – amazing! This shows how having support, spirit, and the necessary medical access can play such an important role in changing the life expectancy and overall outcome.”

Patient-centered care

*Testimonials appearing on this site are real experiences from members and letters received by PGH. They reflect and are applicable to individual experience and may not be indicative of future results. To protect the confidentiality of members, stock photos are used, names and location have been changed, and certain details shortened or omitted.