Frequently Asked Questions

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What medical conditions does PGH address?

PGH plans and services may cover all malignant cancers, cardiovascular disease, and other critical, chronic, and degenerative illnesses, such as stroke, dementia or others. The specific cover and terms and conditions will be detailed in your product or policy wording which is sent following the purchase or receival of benefits.

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When should I request PGH services?

As soon as possible after receiving a diagnosis to benefit from timely medical advice from specialists in your condition and improve the likelihood of best patient outcomes.

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What kind of diagnosis is acceptable?

A diagnosis of a covered condition from a licensed and qualified medical doctor. If the diagnosis is inconclusive, further testing should take place locally.

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How do I activate the PGH services?

Follow the activation steps provided in the details of your product with PGH. This will detail which customer service center telephone or email you should contact. The customer center will confirm your details, eligibility, and pass your preferred method of contact to PGH, who will contact you directly within 24-48 hours after your initial query.

If you have already used the Diagnosis Verification and Treatment Plan service, your assigned Personal Care Manager will be in contact with you, and you may request services directly through them.

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What happens next?

Your Personal Care Manager will get to know you and understand your diagnosis, your needs, and preferences. They will explain the next steps for your Diagnosis Verification and Treatment Plan service, which will involve gathering your medical records, imaging tests, and medical results, and the signing of consent forms so they can be shared with the team of reviewing multidisciplinary medical specialists. These forms will be provided to you by your Personal Care Manager.

If you are using a new PGH service after receiving new medical results, for example using the Doctor-to-Doctor Dialogue after the Diagnosis Verification and Treatment Plan, or Care Management for treatment, these new medical reports should be shared so your medical case and documentation are up to date for the medical specialists engaged in the services or treatment.

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What if I do not want to involve my local doctor?

It is your right as a patient to request your medical file and your local doctor should be willing to help you receive another opinion and further specialist medical advice. Most doctors are willing to do so and welcome the participation of recognized medical experts from leading hospitals.

PGH also may engage a National Medical Coordinator to assist you locally in gathering your medical documentation, completing the forms, and in navigating the local healthcare services to receive specialist services from the centers of medical excellence.

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How do I send my medical records to PGH?

Your Personal Care Manager will work with you to request and gather all medical documentation. Documentation to PGH and to the specialists at the hospitals are shared via a secure and encrypted transmission. If your records require translation into English, PGH will arrange this at no extra cost.

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How are the specialists selected?

Based on your medical situation, the most qualified available specialists in your condition will be engaged and you will be closely informed. More than one specialist will be reviewing your medical information. For example, radiology, pathology, surgical oncology or various oncology disciplines, or cardiac surgery and cardiologists. Residents, interns, and junior doctors are not eligible. In many cases many of the specialists are also professors.

PGH has access to highly specialized experts at globally recognized leading hospitals in the US. This includes doctors from Harvard Medical School Affiliated hospitals in Boston, which is the largest medical center for practice, teaching and research & development in the world, and other top 1% ranked US hospitals. All facilities are equipped to execute remote medical services like the Diagnosis Verification and Treatment Plan and Doctor-to-Doctor Dialogue.

While PGH makes every effort to accommodate specific requests, it is not possible to guarantee that a particular doctor will be available.

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When do I receive the Diagnosis Verification and Treatment Plan report?

The written report by the specialists from the top ranked hospital in the US will be ready within 7-10 business days after receiving the complete medical file. If the report needs to be translated from English into the customer’s preferred language, this will take an additional 1-3 business days and will be done by professional medical translators.

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How will my questions be answered?

Your Personal Care Manager will contact you 1 day after delivering your Diagnosis Verification and Treatment Plan report and help answer any questions you may have regarding medical terminology used and implications that may result from certain recommendations. Follow-up questions can also be presented to the Harvard-level specialists.

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How long does it take to arrange a Doctor-to-Doctor Dialogue?

PGH aims to schedule the session within 7-14 business days of request and having up-to-date medical documentation for the Harvard-level specialist. The session will take place at an agreed time between country time zones.

PGH cannot guarantee the availability or schedule of your local doctor, which you should confirm.

For rescheduling, please provide 48 hours’ notice.

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How does the Doctor-to-Doctor Dialogue take place?

The discussion is a dialogue of 30-45 minutes over secure video conference in real time and without the participation of third parties. Additional sessions can be available at your or the local doctor’s request at an additional fee.

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How much time does PGH require to make US Care Management or
Singapore Care Management arrangements for treatment?

At least 4 weeks are needed to make the necessary arrangements of medical appointments, hospital scheduling, and travel and accommodation logistics. These will be shared with you prior to travel.

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For treatment, do hospitals require a financial guarantee?

Yes, hospitals require financial guarantee before any medical appointments. This may be provided by individuals, their medical plan, or a third party. PGH can assist by facilitating with the respective parties.

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What if I need a visa to travel?

PGH can assist in providing supporting documentation to the visa application that evidences upcoming medical treatment, in the form of a letter or letters from the treating hospital. PGH cannot apply for the visa on your behalf and obtaining the visa is ultimately your responsibility.