Our Partners

PGH delivers unique patient solutions and world-class services including access to Harvard-level medical advice and treatment, and personal care management for partners’ customers and their family in times of most need.

With a 20-year track record, PGH helps increase customer loyalty and deliver improved risk management by supporting reduced mortality through better diagnosis and treatment outcomes.

Value-added propositions for partners and customers

PGH services provide unique differentiated benefits for our partners’ products, delivering customer centric and value-added services that distinguish and improve product appeal. Bespoke services are customized or developed for our partner requirements.

Customer benefits include accessing recognized leading medical specialist expertise and personal care management in times of greatest medical challenges. PGH does so through a process focused on reducing preventable medical errors and maximizing survival and full recovery. Personal Care Managers empower informed decision-making and give dedicated patient advocacy throughout the customer’s journey.

As an independent organization from providers or doctors, PGH ensures that patients receive top medical care and treatment from recognized medical experts in their condition.

Ways we partner

PGH provides services, plans, and tailor-made solutions that are complementary to a range of propositions and segments, and customized to ensure alignment with strategic priorities. Pricing is flexible. PGH offerings are designed in collaboration with our partners to meet their customer and core needs.

Some ways we partner include providing embedded or stand-alone services and plans covering treatment of critical illnesses. PGH also develops partner or client demanded solutions, for example in operations or designing new solutions delivering access to cancer drugs or specialist care.

PGH covers cancer, cardiovascular disease and other critical illnesses. We may also develop our services in collaboration with our partners to cover other critical, chronic, and degenerative illnesses, such as stroke and dementia.


Bespoke services embedded as a benefit within partner products, policies, or platforms.


Critical illness plans covering treatment at the top ranked hospitals in the US.


Tailor-made solutions designed in collaboration with our partners.

Modular options available for your customers

  • Option 1: Diagnosis Verification and Treatment Plan (DVTP)
  • Option 2: DVTP and Doctor-to-Doctor Dialogue (DDD)
  • Option 3: All above and US Care Management or Singapore Care Management
Option 1

Diagnosis Verification and Treatment Plan

by Harvard-level specialists empowers customers and facilitates informed decision-making.

*Delivered at customer’s country of residence.

Option 2

Doctor-to-Doctor Dialogue

between Harvard-level specialist and customer's local treating doctor, an enhancement to the DVTP.

*Delivered at customer’s country of residence.

Option 3

US Care Management or Singapore Care Management

personal care management throughout treatment at a leading hospital in the US or Singapore

*For customers choosing treatment in the US or Singapore.

All services coordinated by a dedicated Personal Care Manager

a medical professional who supports customers and their family throughout the journey from diagnosis to recovery, ensuring they receive the best possible treatment advice and care from the medical specialists and hospitals involved.

Meet some of our partners 

PGH partners include global and local leaders in life and general insurance, in healthcare delivery, and in financial services.