What We Do

Global reach and expertise delivered locally and overseas when needed. PGH specializes in providing world-class medical services from experts and personal care management for patients facing a critical illness.

Orchestrated by world-class specialists

PGH members receive Diagnosis Verification and Treatment Plan and Doctor-to-Doctor Dialogue services from multidisciplinary teams of specialists at the top 1% ranked hospitals in the US* who are at the forefront in their given fields. With access to the latest treatments, technologies and research, these experts have the necessary insight to correctly diagnose and advise on treatment. When personal care management during treatment is chosen, it is delivered at leading centers of medical excellence in the US and Singapore.

For illnesses

PGH responds to critical illnesses like cancer and cardiovascular disease, as well as providing customized solutions for other illnesses like stroke and dementia. Our services can be tailored by geography, global demand, and partner requests.

*Refers to leading specialists at the Harvard Medical School-affiliated hospitals or from other top hospitals in the US as ranked by US News & World Report’s Best Hospitals 'Honor Roll'.

Personal Care Management

All PGH services are orchestrated by a Personal Care Manager and supported by the PGH care management team. These experienced and registered medical professionals provide dedicated coordination, knowledgeable support, and patient advocacy throughout the patient’s journey, with the sole focus of ensuring that patients receive the highest standards of quality, care, and personal attention.

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PGH Services

PGH is committed to providing the best possible outcome for patients. For more than 20 years we have helped patients from around the world and delivered superior medical results.