Preferred Care and
Preferred Heart & Cancer Care

Covering treatment at top 1% ranked hospitals in the US for major critical illnesses.

Critical illness plans to achieve the best outcomes

PGH’s critical illness insurance plans give financial protection to pay for state-of-the-art medical treatments performed by recognized specialists at the top 1% ranked hospitals in the US.

In partnership with leading insurance companies around the world, Preferred Care and Preferred Heart & Cancer Care provide comprehensive cover of all medical costs in the US up to $2 million per year. They also include a generous benefit to assist with travel and accommodation costs for the patient and a companion.

Medical bills in the US are paid directly to providers, up to the annual limit, with no deductibles, claim forms or reimbursement hassles.*

All services delivered at home and care in the US are supported by a professional Personal Care Manager who organizes hospital and travel arrangements, ensures quality, helps understand and navigate a foreign hospital system, and advocates on behalf of the patient.

A Personal Care Manager assists patients and their family before, during, and after treatment; from greeting and pick-up at the airport, through any recovery period after being discharged from the hospital, until the return home. They will take care of all logistics and share all details prior to travel.

*Please refer to your policy wording for full benefits, definitions, and terms.

The first step and pre-approval for treatment 

The first step of your plan, and the necessary process to get approval for treatment, is to undergo the Diagnosis Verification and Treatment Plan (DVTP). This ensures you have the right diagnosis and knowledge of the best available treatment. It also confirms that your illness is covered under your policy.

Upon receiving a diagnosis of a covered condition under your policy, notify your insurer or PGH Member Services. A Personal Care Manager will be assigned and reach out to you within 24 hours of notification to get to know you and assist you in the DVTP process.

It is important that the DVTP take place no more than 45 days after receiving your diagnosis and before undertaking any form of treatment. Designed to provide best practice from the start, your policy may not provide cover for treatment if you initiate treatment outside of the plan and then wish to switch.

When the written DVTP report is returned to you, your Personal Care Manager will contact you the following day. They will help make sure all your questions and concerns are addressed and help you and your family to understand your options to determine the right treatment plan and care. If you choose to be treated at a top 1% ranked hospital in the US, as approved by PGH, your Care Management team will make the necessary arrangements prior to your journey.

One could even say, it would be wonderful to come back again, if we forget the reasons."

- Member, Sweden