Singapore Care Management

Personal Care Management during treatment at the leading hospitals in Singapore.

No one should face a critical illness alone

Providing personal care management throughout treatment at the leading hospitals in Singapore, PGH ensures the coordination of high-quality treatment, concierge services and logistical arrangements, in-person personal care management and patient advocacy, and offers medical financial management.

End-to-end care management: Personal Care Managers are experienced medical professionals who provide in-person support to the patient and their family throughout their treatment and any recovery time and are supported by the Care Management team behind them.

PGH care management

  • Coordinate hospital admissions, medical appointments, and hospital discharge processes
  • Assist with visas by providing supporting letters from hospital evidencing medical trip
  • Arrange travel and accommodation for period of treatment and recovery in Singapore, including flights, hotels or short-term apartments, and airport greeting and departure
  • Provide city orientation and make suitable arrangements for any special dietary, religious or other personal needs
  • Accompany patient and their family at the hospital, and check-in during any post-hospital recovery
  • Give or facilitate language support and interpretation services
  • Ensure patient is informed and understands treatment procedures and options presented
  • Advocate for patient and their family’s needs and preferences
  • Assist in setting up follow-up care at home

Hospital financial management

Medical financial management, in line with the way in which treatment is funded, such as private insurance or self-financing, to ensure hospital billing is adequate per treatment and avoid overbilling or errors. Preferential pricing for certain top specialists may be available through the network of PGH’s local partner in Singapore.

I want to express my deepest appreciation to you - and the whole PGH World Team - for taking such great care of me."

- Member, China