Personal Care Managers

Experienced medical professionals providing unique support, coordination, advocacy, and patient-centered care.

Our only job is your recovery

All PGH services are orchestrated by a Personal Care Manager. They are part of PGH’s professional care management team and provide end-to-end coordination, quality control, and individual support.

Personal Care Managers are registered medical professionals with extensive experience in patient advocacy and care. These professionals work closely with patients and their families, looking out for their needs and preferences, assisting them in the complete understanding of medical reports, and ensuring that their questions are clarified, and concerns addressed. Their focus is to support patients and ensure they receive the best possible care and attention.

In episodes like the one I had, a lot of the curing is based on the state of mind and PGH removed all reasons that could prevent me from concentrating on my health."

- Member, Kuwait

Patient advocacy

Personal Care Managers provide dedicated care management and patient advocacy to patients and their families throughout every step of their journey. Part of PGH’s Care Management team, they work closely with the specialists and hospital community. Their mission is to drive all resources to secure the best outcome for patients.

Personal Care Managers enhance communication to help ensure patient’s voices and needs are a central focus. Through their active personal involvement, they also aid in the understanding of medical terms and recommendations, and support patients to make informed decisions about their care.

For members receiving care management throughout their treatment in the US or Singapore, Personal Care Managers take care of all arrangements and provide on-the-ground support.

Thanks to Nancy [Personal Care Manager] everything went smoothly. What could have been a complex process was made simple. Behind the scenes communications between doctors, clinicians, departments and even countries were taken care of… all I had to do was concentrate on getting better."

- Member, China