Top 1% Ranked US Hospitals

PGH works with the recognized top hospitals in the US that are at the forefront of research, treatments, and quality care. Each hospital's performance is transparent, and independently monitored and ranked based on outcomes, patient safety, quality data, and reputation.

Centers of medical excellence

PGH’s remote services, the Diagnosis Verification and Treatment Plan and Doctor-to-Doctor Dialogue, give access to experts working at the leading, cutting-edge centers of medical innovation and practice in the US for customers at home. The specialists at these hospitals deliver medical services and treatment when chosen. 

Being independent of doctor lists, providers, and insurers, PGH ensures that patients receive care from the most qualified specialists at the hospitals we collaborate with. These hospitals include the Harvard Medical School Affiliated Hospitals and others from the ‘Honor Roll of Best Hospitals’, ranked and published annually by US News & World Report. Many of the specialists at these hospitals are also distinguished professors.

The top hospitals in the US are selected from an evaluation of more than 4,500 medical centers nationwide. These are qualified each year by medical specialties and procedures and ranked on data including performance, mortality rates, outcomes, patient safety, and reputation. 

For personal care management during treatment in the US or Asia, in US Care Management and Singapore Care Management services, PGH collaborates with recognized leading hospitals for oncology and cardiology.

Leading Hubs in research and medical care

Innovation, skills, and scale

Quality and performance standards are transparent and available in the US through public data on hospitals, doctors, patient safety, and outcomes. The country spends the most of any single nation or bloc in science & technology, and in healthcare research and development (R&D). It attracts investigators, professors, students, and medical professionals from around the world who gather in the leading hubs of medical excellence and research. This concentration of skills and funding supports breakthroughs, innovations, and rollouts in areas such as medicine, engineering, computer science, genetics, and biology.

The centers of medical excellence in the US also collaborate on a global scale with institutions and researchers in other global centers of medical excellence around the world.

Advances in science, treatment, and personalized medicine are built on leaps in science supported by these collaborations, genomic open data, and clinical trials.