Getting Started

Simple steps to start your service, and your
Personal Care Manager is with you every step of the way.

Diagnosis of an illness included in your benefits or coverage

Refer to the definitions and terms and conditions in your benefits or plan.

Notify your product, benefit, or service provider

Follow the activation process set up by your provider, for example contacting the customer service center.

Product, benefit, or service provider contacts PGH

Provider will contact PGH and share the details of your service activation.

PGH contacts you and assigns a Personal Care Manager

Your Personal Care Manager will contact you to begin the process. They will provide support and guidance throughout your journey and arrange delivery of services.

Diagnosis Verification and Treatment Plan

The first step: Your Personal Care Manager will help you to coordinate the collection of all medical records related to your diagnosis (including, but not limited to, imaging studies, reports, and pathology slides). If necessary, professional translation will be arranged. Your complete medical file will be submitted to a team of multidisciplinary medical specialists for their evaluation. Their expert report will be ready within 7-10 business days. It will be delivered to you by your Personal Care Manager, who will contact you 1 day after.

Doctor-to-Doctor Dialogue*

The Doctor-to-Doctor Dialogue service allows your local treating doctor to speak directly with the specialist at the US top hospital regarding your case and treatment. This takes place over videoconference on a secure platform. This is a confidential discussion between doctors to exchange medical opinions.

US Care Management & Singapore Care Management*

Following completion of other PGH services, you may decide to be treated at a leading hospital in the US or Singapore with personal care management. PGH will help you and your family before, during, and after treatment. Your Personal Care Manager will provide in-person support and will take care of medical appointments, hospital processes, travel and accommodation logistics, airport transportation, and special needs. All details will be shared prior to travel.

*Check your benefits for eligibility