Living Words

Stories and testimonials from PGH members and personal care managers.

These real cases show some of the ways in which PGH successfully and tangibly helps patients and their families.

"PGH was always responsive to all my phone calls and emails and expeditiously arranged everything. I was reassured to know assistance was always available when necessary. I want to express my sincerest appreciation to you for taking such great care of me and my family. Thank you once again for the professional service, care, support, attention to detail, and most importantly, for making sure I never felt alone."

- Michelle, Breast Cancer, Hong Kong

Michelle's Story

Hong Kong

Michelle contacted PGH after being diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer. Although she led a very active and healthy lifestyle, Michelle’s family history suggested a genetic predisposition to cancer. PGH immediately connected Michelle with a Personal Care Manager and coordinated the Diagnosis Verification and Treatment Plan with top medical specialists. A team of breast cancer oncologists and radiologists reviewed all of Michelle’s medical records and slides (translated at no cost to Michelle). The multidisciplinary specialists confirmed the diagnosis and provided a suggested treatment plan including targeted drug therapy. It was also suggested for direct family members, like children and siblings, to undergo genetic testing, a recommendation that Michelle’s family followed through with. Throughout the process she discussed her options with her family with support from her Personal Care Manager in explaining terminology, procedures, and their effects.

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