Living Words

Stories and testimonials from PGH members and personal care managers.

These real cases show some of the ways in which PGH successfully and tangibly helps patients and their families.

"In summary, I wish to say that all the facets supporting my therapy as arranged by PGH have jointly produced for me a most satisfying experience. I would like to inform you that I’m in good health and today finished my radiation treatment here. I have confidence in the plan for the second phase and that I will recover!"

- Maya, Cervical Cancer, Philippines

Maya's Story


Diagnosed in Manila with cervical cancer and having undergone surgery locally, Maya also looked to PGH for clarification around secondary treatment. Her Personal Care Manager promptly guided her through the next steps. A multidisciplinary team of gynecologic oncologists from a top 1% ranked hospital in the US responded to the status of her condition with a proposed second phase of treatment consisting of radiation therapy. The radiation treatment protocol was also shared with Maya’s doctor in the Philippines, who agreed with the recommended course of treatment.

Optimizing care for patients