Living Words

Stories and testimonials from PGH members and personal care managers.

These real cases show some of the ways in which PGH successfully and tangibly helps patients and their families.

"I am writing to express my gratitude and appreciation for all the efforts and assistance that I had from you and the PGH team. I am very happy to say that the operation was a success! Once again thank you and my personal regards."

- Jan, Brain Tumor, Norway

Jan's Story


Diagnosed with a rare brain tumor, Jan was told by his local doctor in Norway he only had 4-6 months to live.  In search of a second opinion, Jan turned to PGH. Rare cancers are less frequently seen and treated in Norway than in the US with its bigger population.  After a comprehensive evaluation of his diagnosis performed by a team of brain cancer Harvard Medical School hospital specialists, a treatment plan was designed. The protocols were discussed by Jan’s treating doctor in Norway with the specialist in the US in the Doctor-to-Doctor Dialogue service. Treatment was carried out in Norway. A Personal Care Manager from PGH assisted with all the necessary treatment coordination and supported Jan through his journey. Without leaving his home, Jan received global best advice and treatment, and the benefits of cross-border teaming. Even though initially given only a few months to live, Jan survived above and beyond the initial prognosis thanks to having more medical experts on his case.

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