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Preferred Global Health partners with HSBC Life to provide Global Medical Care Services

October 23, 2019

Preferred Global Health (“PGH”) is pleased to announce today its partnership with HSBC Life to provide Global Medical Care Services. The services are available to customers of the HSBC Health Goal Insurance Plan1, a pioneering health protection and savings insurance plan.

Through this value-added service, customers facing a critical illness diagnosis of stroke, heart disease, or cancer will be able to access personalised care and consultation services from experts amongst the top ranked hospitals in the US, including over 6,700 Harvard-level specialists. Global Medical Care Services specifically offer unique Diagnosis Verification and Treatment Planning, Doctor-to-Doctor Dialogue, and US Care Management to provide best-in-class solutions to help manage and overcome critical health conditions.


***Privileged access to the world’s most experienced and top-notch healthcare specialists***
***Unique service offering expert advice to arrive at the best possible treatment plan***
***Further strengthening of the health proposition to help manage customers’ well-being *** 


According to research2, there were more than 1.5 million preventable medical errors identified worldwide in 2018, resulting in avoidable hardships to patients’ lives and a huge cost burden. While Hong Kong’s healthcare system has an excellent reputation for its quality and efficiency, receiving diagnosis verification and treatment plans from leading multidisciplinary teams of specialists can help ensure the best outcomes for patients. This allows patients to make informed decisions about their course of treatment. The partnership marries HSBC Life’s commitment to enhancing Hongkongers’ health and wellness with PGH’s mission to improve medical outcomes for patients.


Edward Moncreiffe, HK Chief Executive Officer, HSBC Life, said, “As a trusted life-long partner, HSBC Life makes sure our customers have the best possible access to information, services and support to better manage their health. We understand customers are becoming more health conscious; that’s why we’ve introduced various value-added solutions – from dementia screening to hereditary cancer genetic tests – that can truly help customers better understand their health, and proactively mitigate and prevent health risks. Our partnership with PGH is taking our commitment to our health proposition to the next level.”

“Health Goal Insurance Plans is more than a traditional insurance plan that only offers insurance coverage, it also offers the personal assistance that patients need most when diagnosed with critical illness. Through Global Medical Care Services, we don’t just offer a ‘2nd Opinion’, we bring best-in-class bespoke medical advice right to their doorstep, ensuring they have access to the best possible treatment.”


David Fried, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Preferred Global Health, said, “I am confident and optimistic that through this partnership, PGH will provide HSBC Life’s customers in Hong Kong with the best-in-class solutions to respond to the most serious diseases and have the best chance of recovery. PGH has more than 20 years’ experience supporting international patients and their families on their path to recovery from critical illnesses. We have an established track record delivering improved patient results.

“Global Medical Care Services, which are designed to remove the risk of preventable medical errors, will allow customers to make informed decisions not through the assistance of one single reviewing doctor but a team of specialists. They provide customers and their doctors in Hong Kong with access to the expertise of multidisciplinary medical teams of Harvard-level specialists amongst top ranked hospitals that are developing and implementing the latest scientific and clinical advances in treatment and drug therapy; offering trusted professional care management when they need it most.”

Customers insured with Health Goal Insurance Plan can leverage Global Medical Care Services to connect with leading hospitals and specialists in cancer, heart disease and stroke – the top three killer diseases in Hong Kong3, to receive the optimal treatment plan available to them. This service aims to alleviate the stress and pressure for customers and their families, enabling them to make informed decisions about their treatment plan and receive ongoing guidance and support to get through a challenging period.


Global Medical Care Services will provide the following services:

  • Diagnosis Verification and Treatment Plan confirms or provides further diagnosis and helps develop an optimal treatment plan. Each medical case will be reviewed in-depth by multidisciplinary teams of Harvard-level specialists in the US, enabling patients to make an informed decision about their course of treatment.
  • Doctor-to-Doctor Dialogue is a pioneering service that facilitates professional collaboration between the local doctor and medical experts via secure video conferencing, to discuss and develop an optimal treatment plan. Patients can choose to stay close to home to receive their treatment.
  • US Care Management4 arranges all the medical appointments on patients’ behalf with personalised concierge service if they opt to be treated in the US. The all-round concierge service includes the arrangement of travel, accommodation, hospital, billing and after-care for patients.

 HSBC Life (International) Limited is an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited. HSBC Life is authorised and regulated by the Insurance Authority of the Hong Kong SAR to carry on long-term insurance business in the Hong Kong SAR. As one of the leading life insurers in Hong Kong, HSBC Life offers a wide range of life insurance products, including annuities, to retail and commercial customers in Hong Kong through HSBC banking channels and third-party brokers. HSBC Life provides tailored solutions to meet the protection, education, retirement, managing growth and legacy planning needs of its customers. As of 30 June 2019, HSBC Life had a total market share of 13.3% of the Hong Kong life insurance market.

 Preferred Global Health Ltd is a global patient organization providing diagnosis and treatment plan development from world leading experts at the top 1% ranked hospitals in the US, and treatment and personal care management at the leading hospitals in the US and Asia, ensuring full process quality for treatment and patient care.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, PGH has more than 20 years’ experience in patient advocacy and supporting patients and their families in their path to recovery. The Medical Board consists of experts with distinguished careers and who are at the forefront of hospital departments and multidisciplinary research.

Founded to address gaps in outcomes and reduce the chances of preventable medical errors, PGH is committed to ensuring the best possible outcome for patients facing a diagnosis of critical illness.



  1. Launched in July 2019, Health Goal Insurance Plan is HSBC Life’s whole-of-life insurance plan that protects customers against three major critical illness – cancer, heart disease and stroke. The plan provides cash benefit for up to three times additional claim payments, as well as offers growth potential to meet customers’ wealth need. For more details, please refer to
  2. A research article published on 7 April 2018 in the Health Affairs journal (Vol. 30, No. 4: Still Crossing the Quality Chasm)
  3. Source: “The top 10 causes of death” released by the World Health Organization in May 2018)
  4. US Care Management is only applicable to eligible HSBC Health Goal Insurance Plan policy. All relevant costs of travel, accommodation, medical treatment and after care involved will be borne by the customer.


Health Goal Insurance plan (“the Plan”) is a whole of life insurance plan. It is a long-term insurance plan with a savings element and is underwritten by HSBC Life (International) Limited (“HSBC Life”) and is not equivalent or similar to any kind of deposit. It is underwritten by HSBC Life (International) Limited (“HSBC Life”) and p Policyholders are subject to its HSBC Life’s credit risk. The Plan provides a guaranteed cash value and a non-guaranteed special bonus (if any) that will be declared by HSBC Life at its absolute discretion. If the policy is surrendered early, the amount to be received may be considerably less than the total premiums paid. Please refer to the product brochure for the characteristics and terms and conditions of the Plan. HSBC Life is one of the HSBC Group’s insurance underwriting subsidiaries. HSBC Life is authorised and regulated by the Insurance Authority of the Hong Kong SAR to carry on long-term insurance business in the Hong Kong SAR. The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (“HSBC”) is an insurance agent of HSBC Life. The Plan is intended only for sale through HSBC in the Hong Kong SAR.


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