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PGH speaks at “Beyond Boundaries 2021: Insurance in a Virtual World”, Tune Protect conference.

September 15, 2021

PGH joined the closing panel “COVID-19 and its effects on Public Health, Insurance, and the Future” of Tune Protect’s conference on insurance in a virtual world on September 9, 2021.

Panellists spoke about the impact, lessons learned, and opportunities arising out of the pandemic on insurers, healthcare services, and providers.

PGH CEO, David Fried, spoke alongside distinguished panel participants Rohit Nambiar Tune Protect Group’s CEO, Wee Meng Thoo Partner & Head of Investments Leonie Hill Capital, Dr. Rosvinder Singh Public Health Medicine Specialist, and Rob Galbraith Insurance Futurist and author of “The End of Insurance as We Know It”. The moderator was Astro AWANI editor and producer Ibrahim Sani.

Opportunity for re-invention

David commented that the pandemic has provided “a catapult to things that have been talked about for many years, like automation, tailoring of products, providing suitable and flexible benefits, and underwriting technology, data, and analytics.”

He gave his opinion that the winners of the post-covid world will be “the forward-thinking insurer” that bring to market full solutions with protection, benefits, and access to technology that are easy to obtain. “Covid has allowed people to focus more and to be able to drive this forward quicker.”

PGH & Tune Protect partnership

Tune Protect Group’s CEO, Rohit Nambiar, said that the recent partnership between PGH and his organization demonstrates that “in this new world, things can happen”.  

The partnership and first launch in Thailand of the fully modular critical illness that also provides PGH services as a customer benefit was successfully executed without the teams physically meeting.

Focus, specialization, and innovation

Tune Protect is an innovative company that focuses on millennials, rather than the affluent segment, and becoming a digital leader. “There is a market which is under penetrated and suddenly the awareness level has gone through the roof”, commented Rohit. The company provides specialized solutions that are relevant, affordable, uncomplex, bite size, and are easy to purchase via “new models that speak to them”.

David acknowledged the vision of Tune Protect. “Rohit has hit the nail on the head. It is about how do you invent an industry to be able to provide service, to provide solution, and not actually be saying no.  Insurance has been way too rules-based for a long time. Having spent so much of my career there that’s what gave me the attraction of going into health care services.”

At PGH “what we say as a team is how can we say yes, how can we actually do what our partners and what our customers and our patients require, versus come up with a rule of how it doesn’t happen. The more we can make this seamless as Rohit was explaining, whether it is blockchain or whatever it may be, I think is where the future is taking us.

Medical second opinions (MSO) are changing

David spoke about the evolution of MSOs from “one doctor reviewing another doctor’s work and giving an opinion” to “a team of doctors breaking down a diagnosis and looking at that from radiology, pathology, oncology, or cardiology specialists, and coming back with an opinion that is either a re-diagnosis or an affirmation of diagnosis.

Services should help patients and their families make informed decisions through treatment plans “to know what are your options and what can you do to actually get the best outcome for yourself.”

We are very pleased to be able to offer these types of services now to a wider mass market in conjunction with Tune Protect, not just the high-net-worth individuals.”

David also spoke about the increase in health awareness since the pandemic and emerging trends in healthcare services to respond to critical illnesses, mental health, chronic illnesses, and diabetes helping patients “manage their needs and have the most meaningful life going forward”.


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