Living Words

Stories and testimonials from PGH members and personal care managers.

These real cases show some of the ways in which PGH successfully and tangibly helps patients and their families.

"I am thankful that my unfortunate situation turned into a positive and a very successful result. The wonderful care began before I even set foot in the United States. The PGH team was so supportive throughout the entire process, from hospital visits, surgery to outpatient treatment. They were kind, careful and patient in fulfilling my requests. Your PGH service was 1st class all the way!"

- Li Qiang, Lung Cancer, China

Li Qiang's Story


When Li Qiang was diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer, he mobilized his network in Shanghai and all his resources, including the services of PGH. Li Qiang’s Personal Care Manager immediately organized a multidisciplinary team approach to verify his diagnosis and develop a course of treatment through the Diagnosis Verification and Treatment Plan. The examining experts consisted of thoracic surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, and specialized lung cancer radiologists and pathologists from a top 1% ranked US hospital.

After careful review, surgery, chemotherapy, and a targeted immunotherapy was suggested. With US Care Management service, Li Qiang chose to be treated at a Harvard Medical School affiliated hospital in Boston by recognized lung cancer experts. PGH coordinated hospital appointments and made sure all relevant medical records were received in advance. Li Qiang’s Personal Care Manager also secured a short-term apartment, approved by Li Qiang before his trip.

The Personal Care Manager facilitated all hospital admission and preoperative paperwork. An additional interpreter was also scheduled to be at all preoperative evaluations and appointments. Li Qiang’s dedicated Personal Care Manager stayed in close contact with his family throughout his entire hospital stay and recovery period, as well as his follow-up care at home.

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