Increasingly companies recognize that people and talent are their most important asset. Offering Preferred Care to your employees as part of their benefits package will not only protect your key executives who keep your company running, but will also give your company a competitive advantage so you attract and retain the best employees.

Your company needs protection

If your executive is critically ill, your company suffers, too. Lost management time, replacement costs and morale issues all take their toll.

PGH is a unique benefit that attracts the best employees

PGH membership is a high value, low-cost addition to a competitive benefit package. As a program for cross-border treatment of critical illness, Preferred Care complements local and national health plans and group risk schemes. It helps patients survive critical illnesses, such as cancer and heart disease, and minimizes the likelihood of chronic disease, so that individuals can make a speedy and full recovery of their quality of life and productivity.

Preferred Care is a powerful and effective recruitment and retention tool to attract top international and local staff and their families. It offers financial protection by paying directly for medical treatment in the US and, through our Care Management team, provides real tangible support to businesses, whether you have 25 employees or 250 employees, and to their families.

PGH can take the fear out of overseas postings

If your executives are away from their home country, our programs give them the assurance that they will get the very best care in the world if they do get critically ill. This is especially valuable for expatriates working overseas.

Provide peace of mind with our Diagnosis Verification and Treatment Plan

A core component of the Preferred Care program, the Diagnosis Verification and Treatment Plan, or DVTP, provides peace of mind with more knowledge. The DVTP is completed before any plans for treatment are made, so you receive the benefit even if you choose to not seek treatment in the US.

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Your people are your greatest asset. Prove it to them by giving them PGH. Contact us for a quote.